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At Matter Marketing, we want to provide the best experience to your customers. One of your biggest and most valuable pieces of digital real estate is your website. With a new generation of mobile users, it's important that your website has a responsive platform fit for the mobile device.

It's one thing to optimize your page to fit a mobile device, but it's another thing to actually structure and design your webpage so that your customers are compelled and engaged by your business. Basic website designing would require lots of engaging content so that your site does not look or feel empty.

We give you the option of either giving us the content yourself, or having us create the content to be displayed on your page. Website design is a crucial part to the success of your business. It needs to be appealing so that customers will have the best customer experience. A professional and appealing website will also lead to higher conversions.

SEO Based Copywrite

Create a calendar with post-dates to release content. 

Create engaging content to attract customers. 

Focus content posts around keywords that are related to your brand. 

Disguise keywords so that they flow with your content. 

A driving factor to your website is your content. Content is huge as it will add value to your site to help you boost in your search engine rankings. The services we provide will help you you rank higher for certain keywords based on engaging and relevant content.

Here at Matter Marketing the content we generate is focused on a few keywords which your customer types into a search engine. If they are searching for something which is related to your business, we want to give you a better chance of standing out. We'll create content that is centered around keywords to give your business a better edge.

A unique aspect of Matter Marketing is the fact that the content we create is not only centered around these keywords but is also very engaging. We want to promote thought leadership and help build your brand name. We do this by creating engaging and compelling articles which will help promote your brand. 

Viral Content Ideas and Strategies

Comprehensive Detailed Report

Breakdown of your Social Media Platforms 

Breakdown of your Current Content

Ideas which have the potential to go viral

Platforms and pages to market to for free

There's a reason why videos go viral. Matter Marketing will provide you with content ideas and strategies so that you can get to mass marketing and brand awareness with ideas that are the most compelling and engaging.

We've been trained under the Viral Academy, a company whose founders boast over 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube. The ideas that we present with you are backed up with valid reasons and examples of why the content has the potential to go viral. 

Google adwords & Analytics

Conduct keyword research to find words relevant to you. 

Implement analytics to track the progress of your ads. 

Optimize your digital ads to help attain more conversions.  

Provide you with a detailed report on ad performance.

Google adwords and analytics are key to your business needs. Google adwords are the ads that appear to you on Google after searching for a term. Here at Matter Marketing we'll help you set up adwords key to your business and your needs. We conduct keyword research based on the time, location, and words that are most relevant to your business.

We then use our search results to help create campaigns to help promote your business. Once this is done, we incorporate key analytics so that you can track and see how your ads are doing. This is to ensure that your ads are performing well. We aim to optimize your ad funnels so that more people are converting on your site.

At the end of each month, we can provide you with a review package of your analytics so that you can see how your ads are performing, and how you're site is performing. From there we can make adjustments to help optimize your ads. 

Social Media Specialization

At Matter Marketing, we're ready to provide you with cutting edge practices to maintain, update, and improve on your social media platforms. Social media is a big part of the industry today. It's a place where you'll be able to find your target customers, and create campaigns that are relevant and specific to them. It's important to keep abreast with the latest trends and activities. Sometimes it can get difficult to actively manage your social media pages, and this is where Matter Marketing can help. 

We specialize in social media, and will be prepared to offer you the best services. We create a calendar with content postings fit to your liking. We then analyze the latest trends, and then write content for your posts that is trendy, relevant and engaging. We optimize your posts by implementing ad generating campaigns to reach out to more people, and then we focus on analyzing, interpreting, and improving on the posts based on customer interaction. 

Create post-dated calendar for social media posts

Analyze latest trends

Add trendy, relevant, and engaging content to your posts

Implement ad generating campaigns. 

Analyze posts & improve based on customer interaction 


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