Since Matter Marketing has been created, we have worked in order to ensure that businesses understand and implement the new style of viral content marketing.


Our Mission

Our mission at Matter Marketing is to help increase the amount of conversions through viral content marketing. We are here in order to help you scale your business to new heights with new ideas. At Matter Marketing we strive to help your business be more visible. When someone types a keyword related to your business on google, we put in our best effort to make sure that your business comes up. We strive to make sure that the quality of your site and the content you provide is highly applicable and highly engaging to your audience. Our services will help you lower abandonment rates, increase your call-to-action rates, and will help increase your number of monthly conversions for an affordable rate. 

What We've Achieved

  • Wrote the content for 15 different cities for TruFares, a flight network hosted online. 
  • Writing the content for African Safari Booking. This includes all their countries, point of interests, tour operator information, etc.
  • Currently redesigning the website for Savannah Tours Limited, a safari company in Tanzania
  • Designed the website for
  • Currently writing all the blog posts, and content for Reinspire

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